I’m Not Who You Think You Are




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David Zasloff’s hilarious Comedy CD.

Pussy, The Word

Love Marriage Divorce

Why No One Lives In The Moment

1. Pussy, The Word
2. Love Marriage Divorce
3. The Naked Trumpet Player
4. The Money Nobody Ever Had
5. Evolution Forever
6. Why No One Lives In The Moment
7. First Date Questionnaire
8. A Bass Story
9. Meditation On Meditation
10. I Am Not My Mind
11. Why Men Come Quick
12. The Transgender Ball Player
13. Zen Judaism

“Among so many cookie-cutter stand-up comics, Zasloff is unique. Soft-spoken, intelligent, and (oh, yes) funny. His riff on our credit-card economy is a classic analysis.” (Paul Krassner – Political Activist)

“David Zasloff is not who he thinks I am! Jazz/Comic, Comic/Jazz… he comes across as both! Hilariously schizophrenic. Zen Judaism is my new religion.” (John Densmore, author of NY Times best seller “Riders on the Storm”)

“David is one of the funniest most inventive comics I’ve met in a long time.
You must buy his CD! (Eddie Pepitone, Comic’s Comic)

“The “Pussy” bit is the best I’ve heard in a long time!! I love it!! Seriously. The music. The delivery. The content. You hit the nail on the head. (Melanie Vesey – Publicist)

“David’s comedy cuts to the core of life.” (Samuel Kiwsaz, Humanitarian)

“Imagine Lenny Bruce as a jazz musician.” (Michael Chusid, Architect)

“David’s comedy is stellar. He is hilarious.” (Yvonne De La Vega, Poet)

“David’s show was the greatest live performance I ever attended.”
(H.M. Roth, Life Coach)

“David’s CD is over the top frigging funny. I couldn’t stop laughing.
You absolutely must get his CD. (Michael Menduno, Writer)

“One of the cities’ most gifted musicians and certainly the funniest.”
(Chas Fleming, L.A. Times Columnist)

“Hilarious…Brilliant!” (Will Walls, Management Manager)

“David is one of the great performers of our time.”
(Richmond Shepard, World Famous Mime)

“I love it” (Rob Cimorelli, Educated Educator)